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SoferWorks provides service at the highest level of quality and kashrus when it comes to examining and repairing mezuzos and tefillin. For convenience, SoferWorks also offers a service in which they go to homes and shuls to remove, check and then replace the mezuzos correctly.

Under the auspices of R’ Duvi Vogel, SoferWorks regularly consults with well-known rabbanim and poskim who specialize in the halachos of STA”M, including Harav Hagaon Avrohom Tzvi Vozner of Monsey and Horav Hagaon Avrohom Meir Halberstam of Boro Park, among others.

Why SoferWorks?

Halacha mandates that mezuzos should be re-examined twice every seven years. There are many who find this task difficult, as these efforts can involve lots of time and energy. Removing each and every mezuzah, carefully packing and labeling them, meticulously checking and repairing any mezuzah which may have a problem, and then returning each one to its proper place can be a long and arduous process.

This is where SoferWorks comes in to help.

SoferWorks takes care of the entire process from the very beginning, starting with coming to your home or shul, removing, checking and repairing (if necessary) each mezuzah, and then putting each mezuzah back in its place.

Reasons to Check Your Mezuzah

There are many different reasons why a homeowner might want to check his mezuzahs. Halacha mandates that mezuzahs should be re-examined twice every seven years, which may become damaged due to any of the following:

  • Cold weather
  • Hot weather
  • Rain and moisture
  • Snow
  • Humidity
  • Natural aging

Additional reasons to examine mezuzahs and tefillin are:

  • Illness
  • Loss of life or property
  • Unusual difficult life circumstances
(Teshuvos Maharil, Shivchei Ha'Arizal and many more)

For those who live in NY or the Surrounding Areas:

Call to arrange for one of our experts to come to your home or shul to remove, check, repair (if necessary) and put back the mezuzos in their right place. Our experts will also place temporary mezuzos on each doorway before leaving your home.

Tefillin Inspection

The Mishna Berurah recommends tefillin be inspected two times every 7 years. SoferWorks will inspect your Tefillin in accordance with Halacha

Tefillin Loaners are available if you are in need of a pair of tefillin during this process. (Inquire for rate). When the inspection has been completed according to all halachic parameters, we will contact you to inform you of the inspection results.

Our Inspection process includes the following components:

  1. Inspection of the Parshiyos by a Certified Sofer
  2. Computer scan of the Tefillin Scrolls (optional)
  3. Inspection of the Batim for perfection of shape
  4. Inspection of the Retzuos for size and color
  5. Re-inserting the Parshiyos
  6. Closing of the "Batim"
  7. Professional Sealing of the "Batim" (optional)

Tefillin Purchase

Buying Tefillin, especially for a bar mitzvah boy, is a special and momentous event. R’ Duvi Vogel and the experts at SoferWorks guide you through the process of purchasing the Bar Mitzvah boy's first pair of Tefillin. There are several important components one must consider when buying a pair of Tefillin.

The "Parshiyos" are the actual parchment scrolls on which the sofer writes the required pesukim (verses) necessary for the mitzvah of Tefillin. There are different levels in the quality and beauty of the handwriting of these Parshiyos to choose from.

The "Batim" are the handmade,leather boxes that the parshiyos/scrolls are placed in. There are different levels in the quality of these as well.

The "Retzuos" are the leather straps that are attached to the Batim and are used to don the Tefillin. There are different types and different qualities of these as well.

Please contact us at , and a knowledgeable representative will guide you through the entire process in a professional manner.

The Highest Level of Kashrus

SoferWorks maintains the highest level of quality and kashrus in order to bring you the best possible product and service. We put every effort into researching the qualifications of every sofer that we work with.

Each and every sofer must pass a written and oral exam in order to receive certification as an ordained sofer. They must also renew their certification every three years to maintain proficiency in the halacha. In addition, we require the same exact standards from our reviewing sofrim - who check and maintain your mezuzahs twice every seven years.